Cruises Hercules port

Since March 2003, Hercules Port has been developing new commercial activity with the docking of cruise ships. Previously such ships had little choice but to lie at anchor off Monaco, which limited the movements of cruise passengers, or alongside Quai des Etats-Unis for craft of less than 100 metres. The commissioning of the new semi-floating sea wall enabled the development of this business. 352 metres in length and sheltering the boats perfectly from the turbulence of the sea, the sea wall makes it possible to host cruise ships of up to 300 metres.

The port underwent a radical overhaul with the arrival of the sea wall and the lee breakwater, and the figures prove it: the number of stopovers rose from 101 in 2002 to 214 in 2011. With more than 285.000 passengers in 2011, and more than 200 calls booked for 2012, the economic boom generated by the sea wall is having an increasing effect on Monegasque trade. Over time the cruising business has breathed new life into tourism in the principality, to the benefit of the local economy.

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