ports propresSince it began operating the ports in 2006, SEPM has led numerous environmental initiatives in the aim of reducing pollution, irrespective of its cause.

Below are some of the main examples:

- Cleanliness of the stretch of water is guaranteed on a permanent basis via a contract with Société Monégasque d'Assainissement.
- Staff training in the fight against pollution.
- Provision of toilets and showers to users.
- Implementation of an ambitious recovery policy of grey and black water.
- Obligation to use environmentally friendly products.
- Refuse collection up to three times per day in the port area.
- Installation of containers for batteries, used oil, and for oil and fuel filters.
- Reduction policy of energy and water consumption.
- Declaration form for disposing of refuse in the ports of Monaco.

Yet environmental matters concern the daily lives of each and every one of us. The success of this project lies in the hands of amateur and professional sailors and port authorities alike. Without public awareness of these issues, the extremely fragile marine and coastal environment cannot be conserved.


Download the Declaration of wastewater collection :

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